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Geek Out 1v5

Geek Outの新FWが公開されていた。内容は多分中の人の宣言通りになっているのだと思う。

1) New Volume Mechanism (different then Beta)
Geek Out’s internal 64 bit volume control mechanism replace the computer's own volume calculation like before. But we disable the Volume buttons on Geek Out and change it to "mode control".
When you change the computer volume setting, the button’s setting will be KEPT there on both Mac and Windows. Some Windows version (like version 8.1), you need to use individual analog channel volume settings to control, but it should be memorized by your computer system.
Bonus: While making our 64 bit digital volume control works better with computer volume settings, We tweak the internal algorithm even better. So some of you already reported the sound quality improvement.

2) New Master and Individual Channel Volume features:
To keep the bit perfect as long as possible. Although I still leave the master volume and individual channel volume control there. But the behavior is slightly different.
When you set MASTER volume to MAX. (-0dbFS), you could adjust the left and right channel to adjust the BALANCE. And keep the other channel Bit Perfect… This is GREAT for the people who use Geek Out as Line Out and want to have Balance feature
If Master volume is not set to Max, then mater volume’s setting will be applied to both channels.

3) DSD play back loading is reduced more than 30% in firmware part. Resulting a even more smooth and silky DSD playback. Again, this is a FREE upgrade for all Geek out users.

4) Optimized the 3L buffer inside the code for Bit Perfect situation. Most of Beta users reported a detectable sound quality improving.

5) Most important change -- Introducing the TCM and FRM.

Now with the new 1V5 firmware, your Geek Out has a feature that could change the mode of digital filter and related PLL/ Frequency domain - time domain optimization. One mode we call it "Time Coherent Mode" (TCM), the other mode we call it "Frequency Response Mode" (FRM).... And we assigned the original "Volume up" buttons for TCM and "Volume Down" for FRM. The sound characters demonstrated are quite amazing. In TCM, we involved the new developed Minimum phase digital filter which creates no "pre-ring". In FRM, we involved slow roll-off linear digital filter with other frequency domain optimization so you could even see a nice THD+N improvement there.

This new TCM and FRM involved some CPU power so we have to take it from 3D Awesomifier. So 3D Awesomifier is no longer supported in this new firmware.


  • 個人的に気になっていた異なる形式のファイル(16/44とか24/48とか)を再生した時に無音部分が生じてしまって、これの回避方法はいったん3Dなんとかモードをオンにするというのだったのですが、そこはおそらく直っている模様。ちょっと使ってると熱くなって触れないくらいになるのでいちいち押すのもあれだったのでこれはまあいいかなと。
  • アップボタンにTCM、ダウンボタンにFRMという機能がついて、3Dなんとかはなくなったんですね。このTCMとかFRMはいろいろ試してみようと押してるうちに今どのモードなのかわからなくなるのは直して欲しいw
  • ボリュームに関してはちょっとまだよくわかってないけど(Win/Macと連動っちゅうことですが)、個人的な使用に関してだとLCD-2直挿しは充分だけどちょっと小さいかなーというくらいなので普通のヘッドホンなら充分だと思う。なんならアンプに通せばよいだけですし。