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Geek Tube Buffer & Geek Power Amplifier

Geek Pulseのforever campaign(笑)で$1,600,000超えたので新製品が登場!w


What is Geek Tube Buffer?

Geek Tube Buffer (GTB) is a dedicated device that’s placed between your audio signal chain. In our designed scenario, GTB will best be implemented between Geek Pulse DAC and your pre-amplifier or power amplifier.

Geek tube buffer features the warm and charming sound of tubes while also providing a high input impedance and low output impedance allowing it to buffer your audio signal. The circuit in use here is a similar yet simplified one from those that are in use with our $130,000 Sire DAC tube output. Its active biased parafeed tube circuit uses 6922/6DJ8 to give you the highest bandwidth and lowest noise.

GTB Single-ended is outfitted with two audio grade Switchcraft RCA single-ended inputs and two single-ended output as well. GTB Balanced features two Neutrik XLR balanced inputs and two XLR balanced outputs. Both versions will use a pair of 6922/6DJ8 tubes.

Just a heads up, GTB needs to be paired with Geek LPS4 as it will use TWO of its super clean 12V DC outputs.

For those of you that don’t have the space required for Geek Soul Tube but still want your Geek Pulse to highlight the warmth of tube audio, GTB is the device is for you!

What is Geek Power Amplifier?

Geek Power Amplifier (GPA) is the final device you’ll need to complete your all inclusive desktop audio system. GPA features the same technology found in Vi Power Amplifier but in a smaller desktop size that will compliment Geek Pulse.

In essence, amplifiers have only one unique task. Amplify the sound as close as possible to its original production. With this in mind, we made it our goal to create an amplification process that focuses on what really matters. Better sound quality, more efficient power management and a smaller footprint.

We received a “wishlist” from audiophiles around the World. They required Class-A sound, without their electric bill going through the roof. They needed a higher bandwidth design to accurately playback their High Definition music and they wanted this amplifier to perfectly match with their beloved speakers.

With Geek Power Amp, we were able to find new solutions for each of their requirements.

Multi-Zone Class A (MCA) : With our innovative MCA Amplification, Vi automatically adjusts to the most efficient amplification level to fit your listening volume.
Bipolar Instant Power (BIP): With BIP Boost technology, Vi holds power in reserve for sonic events that have more "boom." Vi’s bipolar power design will make the power output slew rate faster than ever. You need bass power, you got it, instantly.
Ultra-Wide Bandwidth: True to LH Labs’ design philosophy, Vi has an extremely wide effective bandwidth.
Smart power management. With an automatic shut-off mode, Vi provides power when you need it and smart energy management when you don’t.

Geek Power Amp 100S is capable of delivering 50W per channel, totaling 100W, and our Bipolar Instant Power (BIP) technology is able to boost it to 200W when the extra power is needed. GPA requires 110/120V or 220V/240V 50~60 Hz AC input and it will be equipped a pair of RCA inputs, a pair of XLR inputs and a speaker output post.

For the extremist, we have a special version…. Here’s a hint...It starts with “M”. Yes, there is a Mono block version this power amp. It takes one RCA, one XLR input and only gives you one speaker post output. This mono block design is fully balanced and dual mono for positive and negative phases of this channel and provides you a hefty 100W continuous and 200W of instant power for each channel of your system. These will work perfectly with your home stereo system (needs two) or home theater system (needs five or seven). Imagine playing the theme music from Star Wars on this beast!