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Cayin N5 のうわさ


Hello Everyone,

We are really apprecaited for your followup on our next model of DAP. All of you are correct and our next model number is N5.

We can release some general information over here about N5. It takes the same display as N6. Of course we will re-define the UI and operation of the new N5. In regard with the size information which you concerned most it is much smaller than N6. However we are sorry that we cannot disclose the detail size of it now as we are still optimizing the design of the product including the feeling of handling in hands and details. Cayin, us do not want to transfer any unconfirmed information. It is not a responsible attitude to do so.

As for the part of DAC N5 is using AKM 4490 which can do DSD native decoding and seprate volume control IC too. As the DACs are different the hardware and amplification part will be also different from N6. Once we have finished design and confirmed on the sound test we will have a block to show you the design together with the specifications.

Oh sorry. We have sevral other important changed not mentioned. In N5 we have cancelled the internal storage. Instead we have double TF card. It supports USB 3.0 and has 2.5 balance headphone jacket.

As above we have seen you have give some suggestions and we are really appreciated for that. Cayin our team will work at our best to do better because of your support and expectation. In fact our N5 project is at its final development stage and we will disclose more and more information accroding to our product development progress.

Cheers everyone and thanks very much.

Best regards,

Cayin Team


  • N6のようなディスプレイを持つ
  • もちろんN5用にUIなりは作り直す
  • 気になる大きさはN6よりすごく小さくなるが、デザインの調整中でもあるのでまだいえない。


  • DACはAKMのAK4490。DSDネイティブ再生できる。ボリュームコントロールICも分けることができる。いったんデザインが決まればサウンドテストなどチェックしていくよと。
  • N6は内部ストレージがあったけどN5はなくす。その代わりmicroSDスロットは2つ。それはUSB3.0に対応している。あと2.5mmのバランスヘッドホン端子もつけるよ。


CAYIN this year there will be four new product launches, in addition to N5, we have a small desktop and desktop balanced DAC amp, as well as a desktop amp tubes, AKM DAC chip products both in the subsequent plan to use, of course, we have our way of tuning and selection of combinations.

  • Cayinとしては今年N5を含めて4製品だすつもりで、それぞれ、DACアンプ、バランス付きDACアンプ、真空管アンプである。