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L5 FW1.0.0.7とL5 Pro




この直後にL5 Proのことも載せてたのね。
けっこう長いこと音沙汰がなかったL5 Proの情報も出ていて変更点は、

  1. Headphone Amp: 1812A single crown -> 1812A DOUBLE crown (better performance result but same chip)
  2. Op Amp: 1812O double crown -> PRECISION (I have no idea what that is, I think just better amp chip)
  3. Built-in Memory: Change to 24BIT ECC FLASH
  4. Touchscreen: changing manufacturer and screen unit (better touch response I guess)
  5. Changing TP into OGS (Not sure what that is)
  6. Some tuning to the circuit, will have big improvement on sonic performance
  7. Back plate change to Red Sandalwood
  8. The metal body will be more "Uni-body"(no extra piece of metal on top of the volume knob)
  9. The software experience will be greatly enhanced to almost* smartphone level, the UI on L5 pro will be different from L5.