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Hi, Backers

Few important technical updates from Larry.

  1. We are developing a fast and safe file system that will replace the original FAT32 file system. Once we got that done, will report to you guys. Benefit? Now we could deal with the music file more that 2G. ISO file, crazy big DxD file and DSD256 files... All ok.
    To be perfectly clear, we ARE developing. We will measure the through put rate and many others prospects of this AOS file system.
  2. Geek Wave and Geek Source will have BOTH HTML based and menu (App) based control interface. Which I believe that is the best design to provide the most flexibility. Some people likes to use Apps directly or the menu system. Some people love to just open any browser on the net to make the simple control. And Geek Wave/Source could do BOTH!
  3. According to our current progress, Geek Source music server's release day will be a little bit earlier than Geek Wave. As we often says internally, Geek Wave is the combo of Geek Source and crazy nice Geek Out V2+. And we packed it into a smaller package. So when we green light the Geek Source manufacturing, Geek Wave will be the next soon follow up project since the DAC+Analog part already been ready for a long time.
  4. To catch up more time and let our backers could get products earlier, we will make sure the firmware update mechanism works perfectly and continuing release the better firmwares after we shipped out the products. So we don't need to wait for the long long long software development cycle even longer.
  5. And yes, DSD256 is in our development plan. And our hardware design is ready for DSD256 playback. But I won't wait for this firmware done then ship. My plan is to ship it first then we add DSD256 features after if software can not catch hardware's time line.

Sorry about getting some important details here. But just want you to know no details has been left for our best digital audio players.



1. FAT32に変わる早くて安定したシステムを開発中。(←大丈夫か…w)
2. WaveとSourceは両方共、htmlをベースにしたものとアプリ的なものをつけるから操作性は心配ないよ。
3. WaveよりSourceの方が先にリリースできそう。このふたつは一体として作っているからSourceの製造にOKがでたらDACとアナログ部分はすでにできてるからすぐにWave作る。
4. 出荷したあともFWはガンガン更新する予定。
5. DSD256対応する