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Geek Wave

Geek Waveのアップデートきてた。なお訳す気はなければ記事のタイトルをまともに考える気もない。

  • High-res DAC part: Both ES9018K2M and ES9018AQ2M are well tested and sound nicely in their module. We improve the power supply with battery power so the high frequency noise on power supply part is even lower.
  • AOS1: Our Berkeley team is finalizing the core. As reported in last week, now 384K/32 PCM playback and DSD128 native playback are all work fine now. After integration, I need to tweak the output buffer (3L) with DAC module a bit to make it work together even better. This integration will take two weeks in my plan. (Well... this is the part that audio precision could not help too much. Need human ears, listening, 5+ pairs of good headphones...)
  • Mechanical design: They are waiting for the final PCB dimensions and buttons places. We will have 5 direct physical buttons on the panel with an ultra-low-noise OLED screen.
  • WiFi/Bluetooth part: Functional test is on-going. After that, we will optimize the jitter performance. Also, on firmware side, we need to test with several different transceiver in different environment.
  • Battery Power Management: It's done! ;-) Also, our battery is replaceable. You need to use screw drivers though.
  • Femto Clocks and its power supply: It's done. Noise is below 4uV over high bandwidth testing range.
  • Headphone driver on single-ended and balanced output: It's done. (Performance is very nice. And this module is sharing the similar design, not 100% the same, with other Geek Out V2, Geek Pulse products)

Larryが"私の書くアップデートは細かすぎて(原文はtoo detailed)退屈と感じるかもしれない"とか書いてるけど、進捗やら見れて面白いしちゃんと進んでるんだなと確認できて大変ありがたい…w


Larry Ho
11 hours ago
4) Ship date, I am very close to have a solid date for complete the RD process. And we will start a beta program like we did for Geek Out V2, Vi DAC. After that, manufacturing process start. So please let me work a bit more this month, after that RD milestone, Beta send out date will be confirmed. After that, our production team will soon be preparing for full speed production and ship out. (Truly sorry that I still didn’t give out s direct answer. But I rather have a solid answer than guess)

と答えていて、生産にはもうちょっとかかりそうなことはいっていますね。ViはPulseからの派生なのであれだけど、Out V2はあとからなのになーというのは少しだけw

いろいろ年内に来たらいいなあとは思うものの今年後半はいろいろあって受け取れない可能性大なので来年の春くらいだと個人的にはちょうどいいかもw (滞在先あてか実家あてにしますが後者だとしばらく触れないし大きい物は出先から持ち帰るのもうーんな感じなのでWaveだけは早く受け取れるといいな)